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And since we all know "factory stock" to be a myth (as well as an 
unobtainable goal), eliminate that classification and enjoy your CORSA life.

This hobby is supposed to be fun.  When the rules get in the way of the fun, 
it's time to re-examine the rules.

Later, JR

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> And since the Lambrecht car is the closest we can expect to come to that 
> ideal, if it can't make it, none of them can.
> Bill
> On Jun 24, 2015, at 10:01 PM, Ron Hinz <ronh at owt.com> wrote:
> Certainly there's no such thing as a truly factory stock Corvair and the 
> category as defined should be eliminated as there are none, there couldn't 
> be.  As we all know, tires as the factory purchased them haven't been 
> available for many years.  The same goes for the blower belt, battery, 
> windshield wiper blades and headlights, to name a few.  We could also 
> include all lubricants as they shouldn't be the factory supplied or 
> identical by specification.
> So, there's no such thing as a factory stock car unless someone has one 
> that's been wrapped and frozen since the purchase date.
> Ron Hinz 

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