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Thu Jun 25 06:35:47 EDT 2015

Well one real positive spin here at Knoxville is the age of the new  
president of Corvanantics.
More soon. ( Very sorry,I forgot  his name)
Great race is nearing completion with the Corvair Spyder  from  Wilmington 
NC hanging in there.They rank #75 at the finish of leg number 5. The  number 
one car is not a surprise , Howard Sharpe in a amazing car that I have  
tons of pictures of at the shop I retired from. My former partner and his  
grandson are number 10 so far in the 40 Chevy coupe.  They said Haggerty  
interviewed them yesterday..  
It sure was nice to see a Corvair in this race , and I hope to see more  
published about this very soon.
This is a very sophisticated race to say the least.
I am  getting more exercise than I thought I could survive!  Lot  of 
walking here , and it is sort of warm.
Wonderful job by this convention team!
Regards, Tim Colson

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