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Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Sun Jun 28 13:52:42 EDT 2015

Hi folks,

Unfortunately I had my laptop die so I couldn't easily post updates - although to be honest the convention itself was so terrific I'm not entirely sure when I'd have done it!  I probably didn't spend more than 10 minutes a day in our room, it was get up and out then come back and fall asleep each day.  I was informed at one point that I was having enough fun for five or six people.

Tuesday's BoD meeting was pretty useful, I thought.  I expected thrown chairs, but that didn't happen.  Settled for a few tasks to take care of in the next month instead.

The Lambrecht car was just as interesting as everyone said it would be.  The owner said he didn't care about the classification - I asked directly.  Instead he seemed to be having a really good time showing off the car, he had along the few parts that had been replaced like the plugs and shocks.  Interestingly, the car had a 46FF in the #4 cylinder.  My guess was a simple assembly line error.

We didn't do the econo-run, but took the train ride instead, it was a nice ride along the river.  The rally had a nice route, our youngest tried his hand at navigating and they ended up taking a, um, detour.  The qutocross course worked quite well, although there were some DNFs for missed gates it was fairly easy to point out where the mistake was.  Yes, the FTD winning car was quite a sight on course!

For Saturday's car display the organizers had a great backup plan in case of rain - which it did :-)  Lots of great cars to see and there was space for more.

Overall a great convention!  Kudos to the organizers and really the entire city for rolling out the red carpet!  If you missed it start planning now for 2016, we heard from the organizers and that sounds like another great event.

Oh, and I spoke to a few folks with trailers, I'm told the parking deck worked out ok ;-)


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