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ebittman at tampabay.rr.com ebittman at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Jun 29 00:24:04 EDT 2015

Just arrived home from Knoxville, decided to drive straight thru towing my 60 sedan. I've been wading through all of my emails and just have to chime in on the stock Corvair discussion. Most of you who know me know I'm stock all the way except where safety is a factor (radial tires). I think it was a shame that the 17 mile car was thrown into another class. Not only does CORSA have their head in the sand when it comes to these matters but it has been going on for decades!!!
  The posters who said CORSA is dying are correct. We keep saying we want to attract young blood but this approach has been tried by virtually every car club known and it has NEVER WORKED!!
  As some of you know I own an all original 60 "500' sedan, and go out of my way to preserve it. I brought it to Knoxville for the SCG to see and once again our time was wedged into a very narrow spot. Most people didn't even know where it was. 
  I agree with all the comments and will never bring the car again. I am heavily involved with the Vintage Chevrolet Club of America where they appreciate stock Chevrolets and got my '60 certified this past April as a survivor. My CORSA membership ends in August and I will not renew. If there is anyplace in CORSA that needs new blood it's at the top. Ed Dade City,Fl  

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