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Mon Jun 29 09:32:07 EDT 2015

So true! Thanks for your response. I don't post much on VV but I read almost everything that's said. I am a member of CORSA and Corvanatics and glad to be a supporter. You are right! CORSA is not dying, just changing like every other institution affected by the Internet age. Of course, we could make better use of this Internet "tool" we have at our disposal. This list is one of the good things! There will always be those who rub each other the wrong way. I try to find value in what is said, even if I disagree. I am not being critical. Just observing. There will be benefit if we can find that unemotional kernel of wisdom to strengthen the club. I have found that it is much easier to be critical than it is to be constructive. It is also great to have a place like this where everyone can participate. There will always be elements acting in ways and saying things that appear not be helpful. The club does not depend on them. My hope is that they would use their energy to make the club better and not to tear it down. I love Corvairs and I appreciate the club(s) and I am happy to support them. My desire to be in CORSA does not depend on what is said here but I do enjoy the discussion and this list is currently my primary way of participating. I am all-in and not going anywhere.
Thanks for your vigorous defense and for all you do for the car we love!
Eric in Indiana
> Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 00:54:18 -0700
> To: virtualvairs at corvair.org
> From: virtualvairs at corvair.org
> Good Lord people - How long does this have to go on?
> A car didn't get the classification someone thought it should and that 
> is "proof" of why Corsa is dying.. Some people are so upset about it (so 
> they say) they'll even drop their membership.
> It really makes me wonder if Corsa's future really depends on the 
> membership of people that think that way.
> ........
> So I'll ask - are you going to help prolong Corsa's life by supporting 
> it - or take the easy "internet" way and just snipe at it until it 
> really is dead?
> Lon Wall 		 	   		  

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