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It may be helpful if CORSA would publish a summary of what is expected of a Concours participant and how the event works. Given that info, I think there will be less confusion.

Example: CORSA could publish the form that must be filled out for any Concours entry. The form asks the participant if the vehicle is known to be a Senior vehicle, was the vehicle driven, towed enclosed, towed in an open trailer, etc. Why?  That info affects scoring. If the participant leaves that area blank or can't answer, a classification must be made. The form asks (obviously) for the owner's name, the vehicle description and the VIN number, etc. Why?  One reason is that if the vehicle wins an award that info is required for the trophy. This form is usually affixed to the outside of envelope (packet) that moves with the vehicle through the Concours.  At registration a number is assigned to the vehicle and that number is displayed in the windshield card. The Judges double check the vehicle number versus the packet.

Classification, if needed, is done at Unit 6 the day BEFORE the Concours. Late registration can cause major problems because the Concours Unit 6 cannot be completed without the packet and registration information.  I think this year three or four vehicles had to have Unit 6 performed at the Concours field prior to the start. This is unfair to the folks who followed the Rule and had Unit 6 done the day before, etc..  Of course, hardship cases may occur but they should be rare exceptions.

It would be good also, IMHO, if representative copies of the blank scoring sheets the judges will use were published. The sheets are in the packet but it might help if those sheets were available well before the event for possible participants to view on the CORSA website. Doing so would show the potential participant the areas that will be judged and the topic's weight. A lot of effort has been made in refining those sheets to make the judging easier and more accurate.

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