James Weppelman jweppel at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 29 12:34:07 EDT 2015

Yinz guys,
I did real well on selling used parts at the convention.But then again I wasn't doing it for a living, so some of the stuff went too cheap.But I cleaned out my garage, helped a lot of corvair folks, and made some money to boot.I'm telling yinz now, if you would of seen the lambrect car in person, and whether you like stock or not,your minds would change to something needs done.That car is amazing.More of a time capsule then a museum piece. To say that he came in 5th or 6th (cant remember) is a shame.I think the reason there is so much discussion about it and corsa, is people do care,and wont some action done. But as the wheels of politics, they turn slow.Even if he didnt enter the concourse show, it should of been put in its own setting(remind you corsa invited him)like the monza was at Kalamazoo.
Jim Weppelman
Pittsburgh :}


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