<VV> Convention.

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Jun 29 12:37:22 EDT 2015

Smitty  Says;  Just got back from the convention and enjoyed it very much.  Most of the threads before the convention worrying about parking and such turned out to have no basis.  The hotel was very upscale and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful.  The hotel management never missed a chance to gouge another dollar out of the customers but welcome to the real world.  I most of all enjoyed the car display on the last day.  Great and imaginative modifications to some of the cars as well as some lovely stock looking daily drivers.  One mod that captured my attention was an 80s something small pickup with a Corvair engine in the normal Corvair location.  I stood there with another guy and we turned toward each other and said, WHY?  And then in unison we said why not?  Good for a laugh.  One large complaint that I feel the planners should fix because it has happened several times.  The Scheduled VV meeting was after one of the other groups and they group acted like they were the only group of any value.  They held the floor and did not yield until time for the VV group had just about expired.   Like most of us we spend the year communicating and learning the interests of others.  We look forward to the meeting so we can put faces on names.  We go to the convention and do make contact with some but many more are elsewhere.  I look forward to the meetings.  If they do schedule a meeting it is tacked on late in the evening as though it were an afterthought.  When some do come they find someone else has the floor so they just drift away.  I have heard it said many times that CORSA is people.  I for one want to meet the people I spend a year talking to.  With a 31 year career in the Navy behind me, the planners are indeed fortunate that I am forbidden from expressing myself in my native language. 

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