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Grouping late/early etc. on the field and assigning judges on such divisions 
is simply a convenience done to expedite judging.  That can be done as part 
of the judging procedures whether the cars are classified or not.  Whether 
it has any direct bearing on fairness is open to discussion.  Point totals 
are treated as absolutes.  e.g.  96 points for an early open is considered 
equal to 96 points for a late closed, even though it was determined by a 
totally different set of judges that had substantially different items to 
inspect.  Actual classification of original/restored/stock/modified etc. has 
no bearing on the scoring or awarding of color or division designations. 
There is nothing wrong with grouping "like" cars together for judging.  But 
don't kid yourself into thinking it has any other significance.

Agreed, entrants don't read the rules.  But adding another document that 
repeats part of the one that already exists won't do anything to encourage 
people to read either one.  Discarding the concept of classification would 
eliminate about 3 pages out of the existing rules.  Maybe people can manage 
to read the 5 pages that would remain.

Jim Becker

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One of the reasons for classification is the goal of fairness.  If you 
noticed, all of the Senior Division vehicles were grouped together.  The 
Concours leaders do this so that the judges compare apples to apples.  My 
section started in the Late Senior group and it definitely helps in the 
judging.  A baseline is established that flows to the other vehicles.

The idea of publishing the basic requirements of the Concours recognizes the 
fact (at least from what I've seen) that though the full Rules are 
published, folks don't read them.  A nice summary might help.  Just the 
basics.  When to register, what info must be provided, what will happen at 
Unit 6, what is expected of the participant at Concours set up, what is 
expected during Concours, etc..

Ken Schifftner

> On Jun 29, 2015, at 12:32 PM, Jim Becker <mr.jebecker at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK, the CORSA web site does not (to my knowledge) have copies of the 
> judging sheets and no sample copy of the registration form.  However, the 
> Concours rules are there.  The rules include what is expected of the 
> participant and identify the information that is required for the 
> registration form.  The rules pretty well spell out how the event works 
> and what is expected of the participants.  There would be a lot less 
> confusion if the entrants would all read the rules that are readily 
> available.
> This whole controversy over the classification of the "Lambrecht" car had 
> little impact on the convention.  Most of the P&M department that have 
> been posting on VV weren't even there.
> By the way, there is a very easy fix for the Concours "classification 
> problem".  Simply quit classifying.  It has no bearing on scores or any of 
> the judging.  It only determines eligibility for preservation award.  The 
> preservation award, as currently implemented, is fairly counterproductive 
> and needs rework anyway.
> Jim Becker
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> Gang:
> It may be helpful if CORSA would publish a summary of what is expected of 
> a Concours participant and how the event works. Given that info, I think 
> there will be less confusion.
> Example:  . . . 

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