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Tue Jun 30 16:10:47 EDT 2015

FYI... O-rings wre invented in 1936..according to a web site.  Haven't found when Viton was made into o-rings, but the following may surprise folks.

Authentic Viton®
Insist On the Best

Viton® was introduced in 1958 and ever since scientists and engineers have relied onDuPontT Viton® for its superior performance and unique properties. However, DuPont is not the only company that manufactures FKM products. Many people in the industry incorrectly refer to any and all FKM elastomers as Viton®. Products that are not made from 100% virgin DuPontT Viton® may fall short of the expected performance levels afforded by the stringent quality standards DuPont has set for Viton®, which is manufactured at ISO 9002 registered facilities worldwide.

BTW, Viton is not good when frozen..nor is rubber, for that matter... Years ago, I was told Viton o-rings came on the market in the mid-60's. Can't verify.

Chuck S

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