<VV> Power top "cut off" switch?

Charlie chaz at properproper.com
Wed May 6 21:58:37 EDT 2015

JR - 

It's been a while, but I believe that the top cutoff switch is by the battery, near the deck lid hinge area?

I remember it looking like an afterthought, quite unprofessional, and it was NOT and aftermarket device, even though it looked that way.

My first '65 (used) and my '69 (new) had power tops, both the working the same way which "proved" it was not an "aftermarket" part.

I believe it works on "overheating" when the top reaches a "full up" (or down?) position, causing the current to heat up the bimetal element, opening the path, stopping the motor.

I spent a lot of time then drawing all the circuitry out and it may even be in an early Corsa Quarterly or a later Communiqué?

I cannot find it this late in the game, although it may be hand-drawn in one of my older GM manuals, but I'd have to look.

Maybe someone with a power top has time to reverse engineer it like I did, and can fill in the gaps here?

I'm in the middle of a big move so (a) everything's in boxes, and (b) I'm a bit busy, but I will certainly try to recall enough to redraw the diagrams, that are burned in my brain - I just don't know here in there!  (It's more of a mess in there than my house is!)

Keep me posted if you find more info, and so will I ~ Charlie

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Charlie, where is that located?

I once moved a power top over to a what was originally a manual top '65.  I sure don't recall ever seeing anything like that.  The top often stayed down for weeks at a time and worked every time I pushed the under dash (up-down) button and never had a battery drain problem on that car.

Later, JR

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> You've discounted the battery when shutting down for the night, right?
> I believe the GM manual does not cover the power top "cut off" switch, 
> which sounds like where your problem is.
> The switch opens when top is in "full up" (or is it "full down"?) 
> position, and stops the motion of the top.
> Could it be that this switch is not opening properly, draining the 
> battery?
> I recall having to practically reverse engineer the switch's operation, 
> since it's not in the manual, at least not clearly enough to actually use 
> it to trace the circuit, much less how it's supposed to work :<{!
> However, I think that switch is the problem ...
> Charlie

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