<VV> power top "cut off" switch?

J. R. Read hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 6 20:57:22 EDT 2015

Charlie, where is that located?

I once moved a power top over to a what was originally a manual top '65.  I 
sure don't recall ever seeing anything like that.  The top often stayed down 
for weeks at a time and worked every time I pushed the under dash (up-down) 
button and never had a battery drain problem on that car.

Later, JR

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> You've discounted the battery when shutting down for the night, right?
> I believe the GM manual does not cover the power top "cut off" switch, 
> which sounds like where your problem is.
> The switch opens when top is in "full up" (or is it "full down"?) 
> position, and stops the motion of the top.
> Could it be that this switch is not opening properly, draining the 
> battery?
> I recall having to practically reverse engineer the switch's operation, 
> since it's not in the manual, at least not clearly enough to actually use 
> it to trace the circuit, much less how it's supposed to work :<{!
> However, I think that switch is the problem ...
> Charlie

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