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I think a proper solution is to provide a vent tube from fuel tank inlet 
hose or where later LM's have a fuel return line.. Run the vent up so it is 
centered in the area in front of windshield beneath the grille. Put a filter 
on it in the event there is slosh . Then use a sealed fuel filler cap for 

Chuck S

> From: "Sethracer--->
>> Fuel slosh can be a problem. For Autocross, the short-term solution can 
>> be
>> to stuff something underneath the filler cap. Something that "slows down
>> the  fuel hitting the cap, but doesn't seal off the air flow. Make sure 
>> it is
>> something that you can remove! Also, to keep the leakage invisible to 
>> the
>> outside world, and the gas off your fender paint, stuff several red shop
>> rags under the gas door, in essence filling the space over and around the
>> cap. That will keep it from seeping out, especially when you have enough 
>> gas in
>> the tank to keep the pump submerged at all times <grin>
>> - Seth
>> In a message dated 5/22/2015 11:33:56 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time,
>> virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:
>> I had  issues sloshing gas out the fill on right turns, and fuel
>> starvation  issues.
>> (in-tank pump sucked air, injectors didn't like it at  all)
>> does a stock Corvair tank ever have issues spilling fuel at the  cap?
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