<VV> cold air infiltration

hallgrenn hallgrenn at aol.com
Thu Oct 1 12:26:35 EDT 2015

Ernie, in my experience with LM "beaters" any opening from the winshield to the floor will admit cold air.  I've used caulk, sheet metal (and pieces of drink cans) to seal the following areas:rusted metal around the side vents behind the plastic panels--especially the top of the hole where debris collects and rust starts.Broken side vents that didn't seal (you can replace the rubber seals on the vent doors with pieces of rubber from an old inner tube).  Gaps in the caulking the seals the plastic vent surround.Breaks in the sealing on the bottom of the plenum (under the grill) up under the glive box and pedaks where the main, central section meets the vertical sides pieces that drop behind the hinges to the side vents.Any rusty areas on the "A" pillars that allow air to flow down to the side vents (or into the cabin--one convertible would allow snow flakes in around the ends of the windshield).Even a small hole can have a BIG effect.  Good luck.Bob Hall

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