<VV> I probably sound like an idiot

Eric S. Eberhard eric at vicsmba.com
Wed Oct 7 19:26:31 EDT 2015

But the person that said bad filter could be very correct.  Or bad 
installation.  You have to oil the gasket and carefully turn it on.  Or 
it might peek out and then blow out.  It can be done, even by people who 
have had vairs for many decades :-)  I admit to doing this at least once 
a decade for over three decades.  So exciting to change oil, fire 
engine, and spray oil every place.  I am just saying, don't over-react 
or think bad things happened ... the old filter worked, a new one seated 
properly should too.  And just to be weird I only use Black/white or 
Blue/Red original NOS AC filters because I am weird.  But they work fine 
and look sharp -- all that work to make sure the "AC" is facing up!  It 
does help you focus on seating it correctly.  The black ones have an 
independent rubber ring and are trickier and I am more likely (2-1) to 
mess those up.

I'd simply put a new filter on and see what happens (making sure you 
have enough oil of course).  No doom and gloom.

Also, an opinion maybe not shared -- older cars with older metal 
(especially new bolts hitting old aluminum) should NOT torque to factor 
specs -- back it off 10-20%.  If it is a problem, tighten a little 
more.  You can always tighten a little more with minimal hassle.  If you 
over tighten (and over tighten might mean at specs with old metal) that 
is whole new level of "fun."

I have taken to using one hand and a 1/4 inch driver for almost 
everything.  I check and tighten more often than most (2-4 times a 
year).  Nothing stripped or lost.  Works for me.  I try not to 
over-think things.  If an oil pan is too loose it leaks a little, you 
see it, you tighten.  If you over tighten you have job on your hands.  
So don't over tighten.


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