<VV> LED lights

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Wed Oct 7 22:07:13 EDT 2015

Are your horse trailer running lights so bright one cannot tell you have 
stepped on the brake?  Are you ever in stop and go traffic at night? 
Like night road work (so common here). Where the person behind is not 
tailgating, but following the rules of the road, and still blinded? It's 
tailgating if one is 30 feet behind you at 60 MPH, but if it is so 
bright to be obnoxious to the driver behind while sitting 30 feet behind 
at a traffic light?

I'm in the east, where one is almost NEVER more than 100 feet from other 
drivers, 24 hours a day, unless on a neighborhood street.

Now I realize one should see a horse trailer. If the lighting is dim, 
all sorts of danger lurks. Especially for the horse after the crash! 
Keep 'em safe.

Frank DuVal

>> I do find for running light and brakes they are bright and fantastic.  I
>> use the cross ref and then go brighter.  I have been told following my
>> horse trailer too close at night (also all LED) is obnoxious. Good.
>> Don't tailgate.  Can't miss it though.
>> My point is -- you don't have to do EVERY bulb with an LED -- be careful
>> of turn signals and strings that might be on a leaking switch/circuit,
>> and leave at least something old in there.  Should work fine. It is
>> helpful if you have more than one toy because you can try it on one and
>> anything that does not work out probably works on another toy.
>> Eric

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