<VV> I use a plain forklift battery that is pretty common

Eric S. Eberhard eric at vicsmba.com
Thu Oct 15 15:39:40 EDT 2015

and the right size exactly.  I put the caps on from an old NOS battery I 
finally killed and it does look original.  You can still get NOS ones 
occasionally and it is easy to fill them with acid to wake them up and 
it has always worked for me.  But I decided that only a true nerd could 
tell the difference between the batteries with the caps swapped ... me 
being such a nerd ... but it is not worth the dollars anymore.  I used 
to get NOS batteries for 50 bucks or less.  Now they want 500 and it is 
just a driver.  If you can find some NOS caps though ... I use plain 
black ones (round) with no logo at all.  I do have an A/C set in orange 
or yellow (can't remember and all my stuff is scattered now, putting on 
a new barn roof).  Almost any of the large battery places will have 
forklift batteries (long and thin) -- and you can buy them dry as well 
and save shipping if needed.  They are easy to start (pour acid in, wait 
a day).


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