<VV> Interior paint question

mvjacobi at comcast.net mvjacobi at comcast.net
Sat Oct 31 10:59:27 EDT 2015


Thanks to Virtual Vairs I was able to get a "ready to paint" ashtray for my 1963 Monza I thought I would be able to buy a spray can of Ember Red Paint from Clarks, only to come up empty in their catalog. They apparently do not carry gloss paint in original colors. Sooooo going to have to go to a local paint supply place that will blend desired color on demand. Problem here is that they need the Ditzler number in order to make the right blend. And of course their reference book has the page we need missing! The Clarks catalog lists it as CP 40 but not the Ditzler number. Can anyone supply the right Ditzler number for 1963 Ember Red gloss interior paint? 

Like all my other projects, even the simplest one seems to go into extra innings. 

What a terrific resource we have in Virtual Vairs!!! 

Mike in Michigan 

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