<VV> Rebuilt 4-sp - no synchro on 2nd!

Doug Mackintosh dougmackintosh at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 5 20:29:04 EDT 2016

Help! I finally got my 1962 Monza daily driver back together after rebuilding the 4-speed transmission. New front bearing, blocker rings, synchro dogs. I had to rebuild it because a 3-4 synchro dog had gotten out of position and wedged it in 3rd gear. Before that, 1st and 2nd synchros had been weak, but a little double-clutching easily got me into the gears both upshifting and downshifting.
As soon as I got the car back together I took it for a test drive. It easily shifts into all 4 gears and reverse when sitting still. All forward speeds shift easily (upshifting and downshifting) EXCEPT 2nd gear. When I try to upshift to 2nd it grinds and does not go into gear (it acts as if you were trying to engage reverse without depressing the clutch). If I double-clutch I can upshift into 2nd smoothly. In my short drive I did not succeed in downshifting to 2nd until I came to a stop. 
Any ideas? Has anyone out there encountered this themselves?  -- Doug Mackintosh Corsa member since 1996 Corsa/NC member since 1996, Virtual Vairs member Corvair owner 1969-1971 and 1996-on

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