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edward szuch egszuch at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 11:06:00 EDT 2016

Sorry for the first miscue
I've got a stock 66 Corsa with the Saginaw 4 speed and the clutch is always
difficult to adjust because the "window" of adjustment is so narrow.  The
66 supplement says to adjust the cable to 3/4"-1" gap at the x-member with
15lbs pull on the cable. This should be done with the clutch pull rod and
return spring disconnected.  Pull the cable to remove as much slack as you
can and then adjust this gap with the cable swivel to about 3/8".  I say
this amount because the shaft and brackets are on an angle so it's hard to
tell which edge to use and secondly because the lever geometry is such that
it's difficult to get a full release of the clutch disk if you move out to
the 3/4"-1" setting.  I would now attach the clutch return spring to the
bracket (small piece that attaches to strut rod bracket fastener) and cross
shaft.  You can now go to the clutch pull rod and pull it forward to remove
slack in the system and align the swivel to the cross shaft hole.  The
supplement says to then back off 2 turns and install with a clip. Again,
because of a lack of release travel in the system, I would use your
judgement on how much to back of, if any, on the last step.  The holes and
swivel are worn in my system so I minimize this amount but you don't want
it too tight or the throw-out bearing will burn up as it will constantly
ride on the clutch fingers.
Now go back in the car and try the pedal feel.  You should have a small
amount of slop at the top of the pedal but then should be able to feel a
distinct over center and "release" at the floor of the pedal travel.  If
not, you may not be releasing the clutch and you may have a lot of gear
grinding and synchro wear.  You may have to tweak your adjustment again to
get a full release.
My clutch is the 140/180 style and has the weighted pressure plate so it
may be slightly different from standards but the adjustment is sensitive
and when correct, is very linear and enjoyable  to use.

Gary Szuch

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