<VV> Cleaning Oily Parts

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Wed Aug 17 14:40:55 EDT 2016

That would be HurriSafe by P C I of America .

A quick Google search did not turn up good results like it did several years 
ago when I ordered a 5 gallon can from P C I of Virginia up in Manassas, VA.
This is what I use in my parts washer because of less fire hazard.
Frank DuVal
Smitty Says;  As best as I can remember without going back in VVs to look, 
the gent was asking specifically about the hot air grill in the back. 
Expense always being relative, I keep a few cans of Engine Brite Gunk around 
for small jobs like that.  It does really well and if you get it on the 
paint, no big deal.  Just wash it off with water.

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