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I find nothing that Frank posted to be inaccurate. But I will ask "how much" refrigerant you have put in? Are you using R12 or something else? MAKE SURE YOU ONLY CHARGE THRU THE LOW SIDE (if doing it with the engine running). MAKE SURE you are wearing eye protection. Also please explain "system was disconnected, but still sealed, with pressure"...
Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado 81301

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>Hi all,
>Questions for all the A/C gurus out there. My 66 110hp/pg Monza with 
>factory A/C won't cool. The system was disconnected, but still sealed, 
>with pressure, for  few years, and I am slowly putting it back together. 
>Tonight was final recharge night. Pulled a successful vacuum last night, 
>which held, and added a charge, and got not cooling, but it was too late 
>to continue the diagnostics. I wanted to finish charging tonight. The 
>ambient temp is approx. 78 degrees, and my static pressure was 80psi. I 
>don't have a 66 service manual, so I tried the numbers in the 65 manual. 
>At approx. 2000 rpm, with the deck lid closed, I get 20 on the low and 
>130 on the high. Bumping just a few seconds of charge raised the numbers 
>to 24/145. Output temp is at 80 degrees, so nothing yet. If I increase 
>the pressure to about 40/200 the clutch begins to squeal. I see what 
>looks like white liquid, fairly solid in the sight glass (could be 
>bubbles?), but not sure exactly what pressure I should see at this 
>outside temp. I did find the two seals on the condenser are missing, so 
>I'll replace those tomorrow, and the deck lid seal is good, but I'm sure 
>there are probably some small leaks around the engine seal - oh and the 
>summer/winter plate is missing. Other than the obvious things mentioned 
>- any ideas? I've been out of the R-12 world for way too many years.
>Garry Parsley
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