<VV> 66 A/C Update

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Mon Aug 22 21:26:32 EDT 2016

Hey Garry, the squealing you are hearing is probably the belt is too loose. The engine fan belts needs to be left sort of loose. The A/C compressor belt is a different story. At high high side pressure there is even more load for the belt to turn. It needs to be pretty tight.
Those pressure readings you posted are looking pretty normal for a functioning system. What compressor bracket are you running, the "low boy" that attaches right to the head or the "high mount" that puts the compressor above the head by a few inches. I am guessing you have the low 
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>Hi all,
>Hopefully final update on the A/C - it is charged, running 32 psi low 
>and 205 psi high in 80 degree weather - in the shop. Putting out approx. 
>46 degrees from right hand vent after running about 30 minutes. Not 
>perfect numbers, but considering it hadn't run in 4-5 years, probably 
>not too bad. Alas, during the test drive, about 3 miles in, the 
>screeching returned. I believe the clutch is slipping, as it sounds 
>metallic in nature. When off it feels looser than it should, so I guess 
>that's the next step. Are these universal GM or is there that weird 
>reverse direction thing going on? Cooling down around here now, so 
>probably will make this a winter project.
>Thanks again for all the advice and encouragement - and especially the 

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