<VV> Special Russ Davis harmonic balancer puller

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Let me tell you about that compact puller. I was at Summit Point. Balancer
went south. I went into the bed of my pickup scrounging thru parts.
Meanwhile, Smitty and my son Mike, an outstanding wrench, found a balancer
in the trailer. Smitty told Mike, I know Chuck has one of Russ' tools for
that. By the time I came out of the pickup bed with a balancer, Mike was
finishing up installing the balancer and had only the fan belt to replace.
Really a worthwhile addition to your tool box.
Chuck S

A few reasons that I like that puller is that it is easy to keep the engine from turning over
while pulling the balancer off (by putting a wrench on the cross bar of the puller), it protects the
end of the crank from mushrooming, and of course, tight balancers (like I have) come right off
with no swearing and no damaged parts! I bought it after getting pissed off trying all of the "other"
ways too many times.... decided it wasn't worth the exasperation anymore to save some money.
Kevin Nash
63 Turbo EFI Daily driver

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