<VV> 2. UltraVan #277 for sale in SoCal (Owen Strawn)

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Sat Dec 17 13:17:21 EST 2016


I wonder how much the seller really knows about this Ultravan.  I
wouldn't consider it in "fair" instead of "good" condition judging from
the pictures.  The listing says 8 cylinder but you can clearly see the
late style Corvair air cleaner in the engine hatch area which of course
means a 6 cylinder.  The fuel type is listed is "diesel".  That said,
this Ultravan looks mostly original and nearly all there. 

John B.     


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Subject: <VV> UltraVan #277 for sale in SoCal
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This one hasn't turned up since about 1990:

Safe travels,Owen


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