<VV> VirtualVairs Digest, Vol 132, Issue 42

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Mon Feb 1 12:50:08 EST 2016

Harry Yarnell wrote
Listen Seth, I had to climb up a ladder to the Top Shelf to go thru the 15
fans stacked there, looking for the '64 version; any other differences are
purely for my edification. Clark's buying '64 fans. I just need to figure
out which is which. Big holes are now what I'm going to pull.

I'm getting too old to climb ladders. that's why I bought a bucket truck to
reach the gutters!...but thanks for the tip.
Smitty says;  Darn Harry.  I didn't think you were that old.  gg.  I just 
recently down graded from a pair of stilts (5 ft at the stirrups), to using 
a ladder for gutter cleaning.  Last time I had to bail out my back hurt for 
a week.  Anybody want to buy a used pair of 5 ft stilts?  Also have some 2 
footers if any weenies are interested.

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