<VV> Carpet hole for shifter

Marc Marcoulides hharpo at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 14 17:26:42 EST 2016

remember to measure from the cut for the gas pedal and the dimmer swich

>I think the trick is to know where to put the hole for the shifter if you
>don't have an old one to go by.  Any tips there.
>Smitty Says;  That can be a problem.  One thing I always do is to make the 
>hole Just big enough to get the carpet over the lever.  Then center the 
>carpet as best you can , then trim the hole to one side or the other as 
>needed.  Carpets are always a measure three times and cut once.  As has been 
>said, for a ball park fit, use the old carpet for a pattern. 

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