<VV> Pensacola Show Miss

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 18 09:36:25 EST 2016

Just a note to let those going to Pensacola later this month that Wolf Enterprises will not be able to attend, as previously planned. I have a couple of things that have intervened. I have started treatment for PC (as I am sure some of you have dealt with) for which my radiation portion starts on March 1st, and I am not up to loading then unloading then loading again the last days before. Secondly, someone scheduled a high school coaches reunion on the 27th for the coaches and everyone who played at my high school in the 60's, and it is something I would really like to attend as most who will be there are much older than me :-)

The good news is that a good friend and vendor/supplier of mine - Dan Heckle - from PA, will be attending and can buy any carburetor cores you want to get rid of. (If he runs out of money, I am good for it :-). I particularly need LM YH cores, but will take all. You will also want to visit and meet him even if you don't have anything just to check out the parts and services he provides and the excellent work he does. 

I am still hoping to make the national convention and hope to see many of you there.

Grant Young
The Carbmeister

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