<VV> "Adjustable" timing light?

Matt Nall patiomatt at aol.com
Fri Feb 19 22:40:10 EST 2016

What is the advantage of the "Adjustable" timing light? What does the Adjustment actually do?
I have an old strobe pistol type timing light and it seems to meet the needs of a beginner like me, 
Would it be helpful to step up to such a light?


Basically know as a "Dial Back"  it allows you to go off / past the timing scale on most engines and see what is happening above that.

All you do is keep the strobe on the TDC mark  and read the dial or meter...

Prior to this you needed to mark the Crank pulley  to be able to see... and many engines with full accesories  would hide most of the pulley.

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon


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