<VV> "Adjustable" timing light? - or not?

Sethracer at aol.com Sethracer at aol.com
Sat Feb 20 01:00:20 EST 2016

The strobe light may be all you need, Ralph. The dial backs allow you  
change a setting on the timing light, then check it at the "zero" point on the  
balancer/rear cover. On a race motor, you might want 34 degrees of total 
advance  at a higher RPM, say 2200. With the dial back light, you can set the 
dial to 34,  rev the engine to 2200 and see if the flashing light ends up 
firing when  the mark on the balance is right at the Zero point on the casting. 
Honestly, I  do not use one. When the bulb died on my old Snap-On light 
(replacement bulbs no  longer available - it was 40+ years old) I bought one of 
the battery powered  ones from Flaming River - also sold under other brand 
names. The batteries  just slip inside the light. It does not have a dial 
back feature. But it  doesn't require hooking up to the vehicle battery either 
 - Perfect for the  Corvair racer with the battery exiled up to the trunk! 
Just slip the  pickup over either #1 or #2 wire, and aim it at the balancer. 
(Mine is  already degreed for easy reading.)
- Seth Emerson 
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virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

What is the advantage of the "Adjustable" timing light?  What does the 
Adjustment actually do?
I have an old strobe pistol type  timing light and it seems to meet the 
needs of a beginner like me, 
Would  it be helpful to step up to such a  light?


Basically  know as a "Dial Back"  it allows you to go off / past the timing 
scale on  most engines and see what is happening above that.

All you do is  keep the strobe on the TDC mark  and read the dial or  

Prior to this you needed to mark the Crank pulley  to  be able to see... 
and many engines with full accesories  would hide most  of the pulley.

Matt Nall
Charleston,  Oregon


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