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chuck mckinley cm31343 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 09:54:23 EST 2016

Hi everyone, I'm checking in after several years' absence and a couple
changes of email address. It seems the forum has changed a bit since '09
or whenever it was I dropped out for a while. Also, there seems to be a
lot less traffic - back then I was seeing on the order of 50 new posts
every day - where is everyone?

I still have my '63 Monza 900 2-door hardtop, and it's running as well
as it ever did. I'm starting to think a little about selling it, as it's
one of five cars plus a motorcycle that I've got registered, insured,
inspected, etc, and it's not getting much use. Between my 2013 and 2014
inspections, I put only 220 miles on it, and in the following year, only
58 miles. Seems like a waste.

I'd kept it primarily for my daughter, who drove it when she was
finishing high school and seemed to want to hang onto it forever. Now,
she's about to finish graduate school at UVa and will be heading off for
parts as yet unknown, and will need a more modern "appliance" car for
her medical career.

My old buggy has the 145-inch motor and a 3-speed non-synchro manual.
I've replaced the brakes entirely, all new master cylinder, wheel
cylinders, and brake lines. It's got the Otto cast aluminum oil pan and
matching rocker covers. I've replaced the front seats with buckets from
a '89 Chrysler LeBaron, and I added a Sony FM/AM/CD player with two
speakers mounted on a baffle in the space behind the rear seat. Also
replaced the original steering wheel with a Grant GT.

Black, red interior, has about 80,000 miles on the clock. All the
instruments work.

Why am I interested in selling or trading? I retired in 2010 and in 2012
decided to get a motorcycle (again, after a 20-year hiatus). Ended up
with a 1979 Honda CX500 Custom transverse twin (Honda's answer to Moto
Guzzi, if you remember them.) I'm having so much fun with that, the Vair
is parked on the street looking lonely, and my mechanical interests have
switched to the bike. 

In my prior lifetime on this forum, I think we were using nicknames, and
as far as I can recall I was going by "chilimac", in case anyone
remembers that far.

I can make a sporting offer as an alternative to a cash deal. I'd very
much like to find a GOOD one-or-two-bike motorcycle trailer, and would
be willing to trade the Vair even-up for such a trailer.

I'm located in Newport News, Virginia.

I can send or post pictures of the Vair if anyone is interested.

I don't know if this incarnation of the forum has a private messaging
option, but feel free to contact me via email.

Chuck McKinley (AKA chilimac)
cm31343 at gmail.com
Newport News, VA 

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