<VV> Junk in oil cooler

Joel McGregor joel at joelsplace.com
Thu Jan 7 00:03:35 EST 2016

Jury is still out on where it came from.  Best guess so far is something from inside a defective oil filter.  ???  The oil filter is new so if it was from a filter I doubt it's the one on the car.  Maybe from one that was on the car for 30 years before this one was installed.  I think the inspection on the car is from '86.
I'm glad your answer was in Timothy's email because it didn't come to me.  Another mystery.
I guess it's possible that these were from some kind of deposit but they sure don't look like it.  The cooler also looks very clean inside from the very little I can see.  I would think that some kind of cleaning solution should be able to clean out whatever deposits there are.
I have a couple of other jobs getting in the way but maybe I'll be able to pull the oil filter adapter off this weekend and see what I find.

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