<VV> Corvair & Porsche

James P. Rice ricebugg at comcast.net
Thu Jan 7 12:17:28 EST 2016

All: Back in 2010 noted automobile historian and honorary CORSA member Karl
Ludvigsen wrote an article for the 911 & Porsche magazine about the alleged
ties between Chevrolet & Porsche as the Corvair was being designed and
developed. This article was reprinted in the June 2010 CORSA Communique.
Worth another read. 

In the new February issue of the Porsche magazine EXCELLENCE he has written
another article on the subject.  It is different in content from the 1st
article and well worth and effort you may expend getting it.  I got mine
yesterday at Barnes & Nobel.  

Historically Yours,
		James Rice

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