<VV> Corvair and Porsche

clynn66 at bigpond.net.au clynn66 at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jan 8 02:22:45 EST 2016

I recall many years ago an article in a motorsport magazine quoting a US driver in the Porsche factory team in the late 1960s telling the story of Ferry Porsche turning up to a track meeting in Germany in a 180hp 1965/66 Corsa. The driver had a foreign sounding name I seem to recall but was from US. He thought the Porsche guys were having a joke with him, but they informed him that Porsche was doing work on the development of the late series and part of the deal was that Chevy gave him a new Corsa each year. It was his daily driver and was a bit of a novelty because it was years before Porsche brought out their own turbo. It seemed to be authentic as it was quoting the US well known driver at the time.
Colin LYNN
Perth, Western Australia (107 degrees farenheit here)

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