<VV> Oil Cooler Crud

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Fri Jan 8 12:04:13 EST 2016

Smitty Says;  Sorry to be so late in responding to the oil cooler thread, 
but it's cold in the garage and standing out there to study publications is 
not my idea of fun.  Here's what I am writing about.  Having debris or 
chunks of anything in your oil cooler is a very detrimental to the life of 
your engine.  The routing of oil goes from the pump, through the filter, 
through the cooler, and then to the engine bearings.  So you see that if 
there is anything adrift in the cooler it will be pumped straight to the 
crank, rods, and lifters un filtered.  In the interest of changing from a 8 
plate to a 12 plate cooler I have obtained used ones and put them in 
service.  I have used everything from carb cleaner to gasoline and a high 
pressure water flush and still found them to be passing foreign objects. 
You simply can not over do the cleaning of that part, especially if obtained 
from salvage parts. 

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