<VV> Front to Rear Brake Line

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 13:12:33 EST 2016

I can't answer your question.  But I will point out that you/he violated the 
first rule of a restoration.  NEVER throw an old part away until you have 
the replacement in hand.  It doesn't matter how common or insignificant the 
part appears to be.

Jim Becker

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I helping a fellow club member restore his 65 Monza coupe.  It say fro 30+ 
years so everything was rustys and went in the trash.  Now, looking Clark's 
book, I find two different ones fro 65's.  One is listed as 3/16 ID aand the 
other as 1/4. Aside from the obvious mathamatical difference, what's the 
reaL world difference? Don't know what was on the car because the trash is 
long gone.

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