<VV> Break light juice

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Thu Jan 14 15:39:53 EST 2016

Smitty says;  Jim, the post concerning the source of power for the brake lights was a bit difficult to decipher because of the typos and I can agree that we must be careful of fat fingers when posting.  But I take good humored exception to you adding a complaint about the term Juice for electricity, power, current, or whatever.  Some 65 years ago I was working as an apprentice with a licensed electrician.  He constantly spoke of juice when trouble shooting.  Even in a three year electronics/electricity course I took nobody ever objected to use of the term.  Slang or alternate terms have always been with us and will continue after we are gone.  No Matter, as long as the two communicators understood one another.  We can use the terms, boomarang, hockey stick, and even the GM/Clarks use of drag link for the relay rod.  (which is absolutely wrong), and no harm,no  foul as long as folks understand each other.  I’m not going to waste time and space taking a vote on this forum but I’ll bet 99 out of a hundred understood exactly what he meant using the term Juice. 

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