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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 17:05:06 EST 2016

Let me put to rest everyone's concern that I don't know what the word 
"juice" meant in this context.  It is worthy of note that several people 
considered the word unclear, pointing another problem in the original post. 
I even figured that "rest light was a "test light".  This is in spite of his 
first post where "rest light" could have meant "rest of the lights".  No, my 
problem was the phrase "do the bulb socket with a ground to the battery 
terminal".  Is "do" supposed to be a verb?  Is he asking "Does the bulb 
socket ground to the battery terminal."?  If so, he neglected to start a new 
sentence and used the wrong verb form.  But it does seem like a reasonable 
question.  Maybe his only past electrical work involved a dome light.

Was the word "do" intended as the word "of"?  If so, it required 2 
simultaneous typos, invert 2 letters and hit the wrong key at the same time. 
If so, he was trying to write "I'm testing at the wire that runs into the 
bottom of the bulb socket with a ground to the battery terminal."  By that, 
did he mean that he put one end of a jumper wire on one or the other of the 
wires to the bottom of the socket and put the other end on a battery 
terminal?  Not the best diagnostic technique, but I've seen worse.  I 
suppose he was still using the rest light at that point.  I think it is a 
pretty safe bet that 99 out of 100 people wouldn't agree on the meaning of 
"do the bulb socket with a ground to the battery terminal".  Another problem 
with his post was what he didn't mention at all.  He never said whether the 
right turn signal worked.  Simply stating that would have split the possible 
problem area into two nearly disjoint pieces.

I frequently see comments like your "as long as the two communicators 
understood one another".  Unfortunately, they frequently don't understand 
each other.  I frequently see ambiguous questions posted on the internet, 
open to several interpretations.  I also see plenty of detailed answers that 
somebody spent a bunch of time composing.  As often as not, the original 
poster came back with a follow up question that revels the person replying 
guessed the wrong question and his time was wasted.  It is NOT no harm, on 
foul.  That is one of the reasons you don't see a lot of replies from me.  I 
try not to waste my time answering the wrong question.

Go back and look at the dozen or so responses that have accumulated on the 
original question.  About half the responses are talking about a problem 
with the socket and the others about the turn switch.  If the PO follows up 
to let us know if the bulb lights up with the turn signal, we will know 
which half of us were wasting our time with a non-applicable response, far 
from 99% guessed right.

Jim Becker

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Smitty says;  Jim, the post concerning the source of power for the brake 
lights was a bit difficult to decipher because of the typos and I can agree 
that we must be careful of fat fingers when posting.  But I take good 
humored exception to you adding a complaint about the term Juice for 
electricity, power, current, or whatever.  Some 65 years ago I was working 
as an apprentice with a licensed electrician.  He constantly spoke of juice 
when trouble shooting.  Even in a three year electronics/electricity course 
I took nobody ever objected to use of the term.  Slang or alternate terms 
have always been with us and will continue after we are gone.  No Matter, as 
long as the two communicators understood one another.  We can use the terms, 
boomarang, hockey stick, and even the GM/Clarks use of drag link for the 
relay rod.  (which is absolutely wrong), and no harm,no  foul as long as 
folks understand each other.  I’m not going to waste time and space taking a 
vote on this forum but I’ll bet 99 out of a hundred understood exactly what 
he meant using the term Juice.
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