<VV> '64 and '65-69 engine fans

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Okay - I am sufficiently chastised. I don't quite have 15 in my stack, but  
they aren't on the highest shelf either!  I do have a brand new late style  
in the box. Even it has white spots on it. You know the thing about 
magnesium,  it is sourced from seawater. As soon as it is cast, it spends the rest 
of  it's life trying to get back to being seawater, one magnesium oxide 
blotch at a  time! - Seth
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Listen  Seth, I had to climb up a ladder to the Top Shelf to go thru the 15 
fans  stacked there, looking for the ’64 version; any other differences are 
purely  for my edification. Clark’s buying ’64 fans. I just need to figure 
out which  is which. Big holes are now what I’m going to pull. 
I’m  getting too old to climb ladders… that’s why I bought a bucket truck 
to reach  the gutters!...but thanks for the tip… 
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Earlier  bolts are a larger diameter  - Per GM Parts book Nov  1976

Early  one is 5/16-18 x 3/4"
Later  one is 1/4-20 x 3/4"

Pretty  sure the four holes size would match. Perhaps the large center hole 
 is a different size? I'm too lazy to go out into the garage and check my  
stack of fans and bearings. How about you, Harry?  <grin>




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What's  the difference between the '64 fan and later fans?

The only  difference I can see is the four mounting holes, but which one has
the  bigger holes?

Any other  differences?


Harry  Yarnell

Perryman Garage &


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