<VV> serious STARTER problem

Joel McGregor joel at joelsplace.com
Tue Jun 14 01:50:41 EDT 2016

I'm sure we've all had batteries that were too low to turn the engine but had enough left in them to engage the solenoid.  I know I've had more than I can count.  As soon as you let off the key the solenoid releases and the spring kicks out the "bendix".  If it's stuck it's some other reason.
I've had as I'm sure everyone here has also had a locked up engine for one reason or another where even a hot battery can't make the starter turn the engine.  The starter still disengages as soon as the power is removed from the start terminal.
The only things I can think of that would keep it engaged are the drive binding on the shaft or the teeth binding due to some misalignment.
Joel McGregor

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How can a low battery cause the starter to hang in the engaged position?

The Solenoid has a booster circuit [ pull in ]  and a holding circuit...

When the Motor doesn't turn  the commutator   stays in one place....  solenoid  is stuck....

This is most often caused by a low voltage / high current.

Matt Nall
Charleston, Oregon

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