<VV> Serious starter problem

Smitty vairologist at cox.net
Tue Jun 14 14:20:47 EDT 2016

Joel says:  How can a low battery cause a solenoid to stick.
Smitty says; easy.  The low battery doesn't pull the solenoid hard enough to 
get a firm contact between the copper disc and the internal contacts.  Lack 
of firm contact leads to a poor connection which in turn leads to sparking 
and heat at the contacts.  The arcing can tack weld the disc to the contacts 
which causes the starter to continue to try to turn even though there isn't 
enough power to allow..  Turn loose the key and the welded disc holds the 
solenoid in the stroked position.  The battery may not have enough power to 
do the job right now but it still can let all the smoke out of battery 
cables, terminals, and other stuff. 

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