<VV> Fw: Springfield International Corvair Show.

Jerry Brown air_cooled63 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 15 18:27:46 EDT 2016

     On Thursday, May 26, 2016 11:58 PM, Jerry Brown <air_cooled63 at yahoo.com> wrote:

 The Springfield show is getting closer each day, most of us need to finish preparing to go.  I think we will have another great show this year which is good.  While doing an inventory of the CORSA  Merchandise I came across the last Corvair Decade #14 autographed  by the Author Tony Fiorie. We have decided to Silent Auction off this last book at the Springfield show, however, We are starting the bidding now and will continue on at the show.  Bidding will start with a reserve of $100.00.  If you wish to bid you can send an e-mail to me at air_cooled63 at yahoo.com.  I will keep a record of all the bids and they will be presented for view at the CORSA Merchandise Sales. Again we will have selected t-shirts on sale while supplies last.  Also FYI The Corvair Preservation Foundation T-shirts and Merchandise  will be at an adjoining table next to the CORSA  sales.  We will be looking for you there.  
Jerry Brown


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