<VV> Puzzled - revisited

judynrandy at comcast.net judynrandy at comcast.net
Wed Jun 15 20:39:59 EDT 2016

I would like to thank everyone who chimed in about my pinion shaft seal dilemma.  I now think I have a solution.  For starters, the tranny vent wasn't blocked.  The trans is clean.  As for lubricants, I use Amsoils' 75W-90 500,000 mile GL-5 gear lube (FGR), and Amsoils' Universal ATF (ATF).  I got my last seal at the corvair ranch who also installed it.  The car ran fine for about 5 years or so, I believe.  I also wondered about the hosed up pinion shaft theory myself. 
So, after pondering all the input, and talking to my motorhead friends, I have decided to go ahead and use one of the parts diffs I have hidden away. I had to first check and see if I had any diffs that I could use.  Upon checking, I found I have two to choose from - both are HC codes. That translates to '64 w/ 3:27 gears for a PG. One came from a car that ran and drove when the transaxle was pulled.  The PG gave its' life as a donor trans when I had the PG in our '65 rebuilt.  Everything worked ok when pulled.  The other, is an HC pulled from a '64 parts car a guy had.  He gave me the transaxle as a thank you for helping him with his car.  The transaxle appears to be a "virgin transaxle".  Meaning it has never been apart.  I like the sound of that.  So, if nothing is out of order when I clean, inspect, and reseal it, then i'm going to use it.  An added bonus would be that if the PG works ok i'll then have an extra PG tranny as a back-up spare.  Only way to know for sure is to go ahead and install it and run it.  The PG in my car now came out of a '61 parts car I had a while back.  It has performed flawlessly thus far.  Now I don't have to be rushed.  Once removed from said car, the current diff can then be disassembled and inspected to see just what the heck is going on.  I'll keep you posted as to the outcome. 
Randy (Cap'n) Hook 
Hopewell, PA 

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