<VV> Tony's Annaul Air Cooled Gathering - June 25th in Prescott Ontario, Canada

Tony . ottawacorvairguy at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 16 15:39:00 EDT 2016

Anyone with a Corvair or air cooled style VW is welcome! I hope you will come! June 25th at our farm for the 2nd Annual Air Cooled Gathering to kick off the summer...

A Private Event for all Corvair and air cooled style VW Owners.

This is our 2nd annual private event for those who own either a Corvair or air cooled style VW. If it was once air cooled - bring it - and it can have any power-plant in it now.

Please bring your Corvair or VW and show it off. Let's talk about what we have done to our cars - or what we plan to do.

A gathering like this is a great way for people from the GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, and parts of New York to meet one another in a central location. Let's have a good time talking about something we all have in common!

Event Info on FaceBook. https://www.facebook.com/events/1753194901566691/
I look forward to seeing you... 

Sincerely, Tony

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