<VV> Ring gear teeth

jmlohf at aol.com jmlohf at aol.com
Thu Jun 30 21:02:43 EDT 2016

I don't know why the step is there but that step on the ring gear teeth can't be more than 1/16". It may be the answer to a problem I had after I purchased a rebuilt pressure plate from one of our "quality" vendors. This pressure plate had the step on the ring gear teeth, was a heavy duty type and not cheap. It was sold as having a perfectly good ring gear but I had intermittent starter grinding immediately after assembly. I blamed it on the starter but a new starter didn't stop the grinding. After checking the installed pressure plate/ring gear very closely there was a section where this "step" was worn more than the others. I didn't believe such slight wear could cause a problem but now I see it probably does. If a 1/16" step causes such a problem, buying a rebuilt pressure plate with an original stepped ring gear is a huge risk. I will never do it again.

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