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Dan:  My friend supplied me with the attachment, which I hope makes it thru
whatever the process is.  Duntov was involved with the preparation of the
Corvairs for both the Sebring and Daytona sedan races.  

There is no reason to doubt the Tom McCahill account as reported in the

Historically Yours,
		James Rice

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Dan:  I have Duntov's biography.  I do not know of any formal position or
responsibility Duntov had with the development of the Corvair.
Participation at some level is possible.

The only time I know he was involved with the Corvair was in late 1959,
between Christmas and New Year's day, IIRC.  There was a sedan race held in
conjunction with the USGP at Sebring Florida.  Hot Rod magazine reported he
was there with the 3 (IIRC) Corvairs entered.  They had been race prepared,
by whom I do not know.  But I know somebody to ask....  I'll let you know
what if anything turns up. 

A photo accompanying the HR article shows what is probably the first use of
a spring loaded idler pulley.  It was vertically mounted.  You can see the
same configuration in engine compartment photos of the Monza SS show car. 

Historically Yours,
		James Rice

3. is this right?  Duntov Corvair connection (djtcz at comcast.net)

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Subject: <VV> is this right?  Duntov Corvair connection

The Wikipedia entry for the late, great automotive journalist Tom McCahill
has an interesting passage about Corvairs. 

" McCahill conducted and reported on the first road test of the Corvair in
1959. In the presence of Zora Arkus-Duntov , chief engineer of the Corvair
project, McCahill ran the car at speed on the G.M. testing grounds. McCahill
reported that he was pleased with the handling characteristics and that the
Corvair handled better than the 1959 Porsche . " 

I have no recollection of ever reading or hearing that Duntov had anything
to do with Corvairs. 
In fact I think it was not until the late 60s Duntov became chief engineer
for the Corvette. 

Dan T 

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