<VV> What would make #1 distributor tower not fire?

Jay Maechtlen jaysplace at laserpubs.com
Sat Mar 19 23:43:11 EDT 2016

On 3/19/2016 5:23 AM, Carlton via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Not having seen the original message I don't know if the individual is using
> points or something else. Has anyone suggested a bad capacitor on the
> points? Those CAN go bad and you CAN get new ones that are bad. The engine
> will not run if that capacitor is bad. If someone else mentioned this then
> ......never mind.
>   Carlton Smith
>   Indianapolis, IN
I thought I saw that he checked gap at multiple lobes, and averaged them 
to get a setting that would work?

Jay Maechtlen
'61 2-dr modified w/fiberglass skin,
transverse 3.8 Buick V6 TH440T4 trans

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