<VV> Open debate vs Corsa's having standard 3 speed and 4 speed optional

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Sun Mar 20 15:21:45 EDT 2016

Does anyone have any solid proof one way or the other regarding the 65 or 66
Corsa only being available with a factory 4 speed trans?.. (or did I miss it
when this was covered previously?)
We know the 62-63 Spyder option and 64 Spyder was only available with the 4
speed...and GM stated it..
but for the Corsa, it isn't so clear....so does anyone know of a documented
factory original Corsa with 3 speed? (ie window sticker or build sheet?) 
I have a window sticker from a 65 Corsa that lists the M20, 4 speed option
and a $89.55 additional charge...(does not list any other standard features)
so this tells me it was an ordered or automatically added option...
or does anyone have any documents that shows "you" had to order the 4 speed,
along with the Corsa package...
According to a 1966 Brochure I have, it states the following... 
Exact verbiage from the 1966 Dealer brochure for the Corsa..

Unique because of standard features you get with Corsa alone. Like the
Turbo-Air 164 Engine with 140 horsepower. Like the appearance touches that
set Corsa apart from it Corvair brethren. Both sport coupe and convertible
flash distinctive nameplates and series insignia, new wheel covers with
Corsa emblem, bright metal shift lever and base. Rear cove area is silver
painted as well as covered with bright metal. Restrained refinements, to be
sure; intended to beautify without altering the clean-cut concept.

Like the businesslike instrumentation the driver is faced with: special
speedometer, trip odometer, manifold pressure and cylinder head temperature
gauges, electric clock with sweep second hand. Tachometer, too (Lets you
select the best engine speed to shift gears for maximum efficiency and

Also unique because it's the only production car in the world you can order
with a factory-installed supercharged engine. We call this exclusive 180-hp
Corsa engine the Turbo-Charged 164.

Get the feeling that Corsa completely upstages it fellow '66 Corvairs? Not
at all. Here are just a few of its traits that run in the whole family,
Monza and 500 included. Still the only U.S.-built car with rear-engine
design. Unsurpassed ride and handling qualities. A new fully synchronized
3-Speed as standard transmission. (Means you can stab into low at slow
speeds without stopping, just as your can if you order the 4-Speed version.)
New comfort and convenience items now standard on every '66 Corvair: outside
rearview mirror; padded instrument panel; padded sun visors; windshield
washer and two-speed wipers (glare-reducing); backup lights; and
shatter-resistant inside rearview mirror.

New-style taillights. A new engine air exhaust grille. New dual rear seat
belts to match those up front (color-keyed, of course). Curved frameless
side glass affording lumberjack shoulder room. And a refined four place
ignition switch that won't let you flip the key into the "accessory"
position unless you really want to.

Then, too, there are many niceties Corsa has in common only with the Monza.
Plush front bucket seats, for example. Fold-down rear seat in the Corsa
Sport Coupe. Richly carpeted floors; dual-spoke steering wheel with horn
ring; convenient armrests.
Black-texture instrument panel trim plates; instrument panel dual courtesy
lights in the Corsa Convertible. Luggage compartment mat, automatic interior
lights, glove box light. And many more.
Oh, yes, one thing you can't get with either '66 Corsa. Bored.

Additionally..In regards to trans.

TRANSMISSIONS: Big news for '66 is the standard 3-Speed : transmission, now
fully synchronized. As with the optional; 4-Speed version, you can shift
into first gear at slow speeds 
without breaking stride - no need to come to a full stop. Both transmissions
feature all-helical gear design; short-throw floor-mounted shift lever; and
shift and clutch linkages affording quiet, precise shifting and minimal
pedal effort. 

>From EXTRA cost section..

ENGINES: 110-hp Turbo-Air 164 (available for all models except Corsa);
140-hp Turbo-Air 164 (standard for Corsa, available for all other models);
180-hp Turbo-Charged 164 (available only for Corsa models). TRANSMISSIONS:
Powerglide is available with 95-, 110- or 140-hp engines (except for Corsa
models); 4-Speed available on all models.
Rick Loving

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