<VV> Open debate vs Corsa's having standard 3 speed and 4 speed optional

Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Mon Mar 21 21:38:17 EDT 2016

Also, a big thank you to VV member Bill Nenow for providing a copy of his
window sticker for his Corsa 3 speed...

Rick Loving 


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Well, I ran this same "question" over on the Corvair Center and we had quite
the lively discussion...
As a group, we were able to amass large collection of proof in regards that
the 3 speed was the standard engine for 63-64 turbo's & 65-66 Corsa's both
140 and turbo applications...and the 4 speed was a non mandatory option...
Documentation includes..
Excerpts from dealer literature..
Excerpts from assembly manuals..
Corsa 3 speed shift lever part numbers..
..and a window sticker from a 66 Corsa w/ speed
See some of the details at ..
Just a fun little exercise...to cast away any doubt...
Rick Loving


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It's hard to prove a negative, but all the evidence -- dealer's order sheet,
dealer's price book, '65 & '66 Corvair brochures -- all say that the
standard transmission on a Corvair was a 3-speed and the 4-speed was a
option.  Nothing says that the 4-speed was a mandatory option.  In addition,
there are a (small) number of Corsa 3-speeds out there whose owners state
these were original factory 3-speeds.  (I haven't seen original window
stickers from any of these cars; hopefully someone has one.)  Given that all
the Corsas with 4-speeds with original window stickers all show the 4-speed
as an extra cost option, I'd say the evidence supports it really being an

Now there might have been someone at Chevrolet who reviewed the order sheets
when they came in and contacted the dealer when a Corsa was ordered without
specifying a 4-speed.  Perhaps the 3-speed Corsas out there were orders
placed when he was on vacation.  Or perhaps there was a Chevrolet "policy"
or "dealer's memo" that said Corsas would have 4-speeds and the 3-speed
Corsas were errors at the factory.  But again, there's no evidence
supporting that.

Jim Simpson

Group Corvair

'66 Corsa turbo w/4-speed. 

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