<VV> 140's in a Rampside

Cliff Tibbitts cliff at tibweb.com
Thu Mar 24 13:42:44 EDT 2016

> Tim's offer to sell a pair of 140 heads that were run in a Rampside got me
> wondering.  How many are running 140's in their F/C's.  The reason I ask is
> that I recently acquired a Rampside without an engine.  I have what I need
> to build either a 140 or a 110.  Since I will essentially be pushing a
> brick upstream at anything over 60mph, I cannot really see any reason for a
> 140.  I would love to get input from those of you that actually have a 140
> engine in your FC.  If it makes a difference, it has a powerglide
> transmission,  thanks,

Cliff Tibbitts
cliff at tibweb.com

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